Video compilation: Mayhem in US hospitals

Is the “system” happily adding to CoVid-19 casualties?

You’ll have to put it together for yourself folks

We keep hearing about the “heroes” in the hospitals.

I’m sure there are some.

On the other hand, I’ve been around hospitals.

On the other hand, I’ve been around hospitals. There are as many mindless slugs as there are “heroes” on the best of days.

A most important compilation of videos of the mindless mayhem going on in US hospitals now during Tony Fauci/media-fanned CoVid Hysteria

More videos

“It’s like a horror movie”

An emergency medicine doctor on the front line asks for research help

He talked, he got removed from the ICU

Even the idiot New York Times is paying attention

Fauci – Not interested in treatment, “20% improvement is good enough”

This was a 35:34 interview. Fauci spent 1:53 idling speculating on treatment and already giving up on anything more than a 20% reduction in deaths. HE then proceeded to spend the rest of the interview talking about the intricacies of vaccine development.

They’re trying, but they’re not getting any guidance

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