It Was a Coup – Part Four

How the conspirators used COVID money to subvert US public schools

Follow the money trail

More info: Tennessee Liberty Network

The CoVid-19 pandemic, in addition to being the most expensive propaganda campaign ever run in human history, was a coup (i.e., a change of government by illegal means).

We have been making this point since 2020.

Today, we have a new discovery.

One of the crucial aspects that need to be controlled to execute and safeguard a coup from collapsing afterward is control over education.

Would you believe that over $100 billion in CoVid-19 funds was allocated to public schools in exchange for the superintendents – not the school boards, teachers, or parents – unilaterally agreeing to aggressively transform US public schools into the functional equivalent of indoctrination camps?

We have all the details and the receipts.


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