Just potatoes?

Chris Voigt experiments with an all potato diet

Chris Voigt, Executive Director of The Washington Potato Commission, followed an all-potato diet for 60 days in 2010. 

Chris had a vested interest in the experiment. After hearing over and over how bad potatoes are for you, Chris wanted to show a different side of the story. At the time, potatoes had recently been dropped from the US WIC program. (An attempt to have potatoes added back to the WIC program was made in 2012; they are still not included.)

While nobody is suggesting that an all-potato (or all-anything) diet is healthful long-term, potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals and are part of a healthy diet.

The results of Chris’s experiment? He reports them on his website:

Besides sleeping well and remaining full of energy during the day, I benefitted from his all-potato diet in other ways, according to my blood tests and other measurements. Check them out: 

Beginning weight: 197
60 day weight: 176

Beginning blood glucose: 104 
60 day blood glucose: 94

Beginning cholesterol: 214 
60 day cholesterol: 147

Beginning triglycerides: 135 
60 day triglycerides: 75

And my ending blood pressure was 112 over 70.

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