Let’s call it what it is – child abuse

Schools are for education, not socio-sexual indoctrination

The people advancing this agenda a criminal and/or idiots

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In some jurisdictions, public schools want to subject young children to exposure to adult information that is beyond their years.

Let’s call this what it is – child abuse.

It’s not a just “conservative” or “Christian” issue. It’s a human right issue and it needs to be shut down – legally – now.

It is straight up CHILD ABUSE to discuss sexual subjects with young children.

How is this news to anyone?

Whether that person is a teacher, a coach, a pastor, a cop, it doesn’t matter.

If in a specific case, a specific crime of abuse of a specific individual child is suspected that’s a different story, but a general discussion of sexual issues with children by anyone other than their parents or immediate caregivers is straight up child abuse.

I get that ideologues pushing pet social or sexual agendas don’t like this, but whether they like it or not it needs to be legally shut down.

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