Nurse addresses the reality of vaccine reactions

“safe and effective”? Hardly…

Here are some facts about vaccines you might not know:

Hepatitis B vaccines contain more than 10 times the “allowable” amount of aluminum for infants…

A study found approximately 75% of sudden infant deaths (SIDS) occurred within 7 days of vaccination…

Childhood vaccines have never been placebo safety tested…

And that’s not even addressing the recent COVID injections – which, among other things, have led to higher rates of appendicitis and appendectomies.

Why are we not talking about this?

A few reasons:

1 – Doctors (including neurologists) are scared of being reported for speaking out against vaccines.

2 – The “safe and effective” propaganda campaign has brainwashed people to the extent that they are scared to report their own vaccine reactions.

Facts about the reality of vaccine reactions – and how to address them – from a nurse who teaches and specializes in functional medicine.

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What the Nurses Saw

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