Protein, ammonia, insomnia, and other interesting things

Got insomnia?

Pardon the microphone issues

Got insomnia?

Sometimes there is a simple cure and it comes from the supermarket (or better yet your local farmer’s market.)

There were some microphone issues with this recording.

Hang in there. The production quality may not be high, but the quality of info is very high and if you’re plagued with insomnia, this safe, simple, inexpensive remedy may help.

If there were recording problems, why didn’t I just do the recording over?


Production costs.

It would cost an outlet like NPR $1,000 to produce a 20 minute segment like this between the researchers, transcriber, scriptwriter, news reader, production engineer, editor, archivist, and newsletter manager.

If anyone wants to pony up. I’ll be glad to make a do-over 🙂

Also, due to a personal catastrophe, I’ve had to move out of my home and am trying to make do without my normal gear and I’m still trying to figure it out.

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