Rally to stop forced vaccination of children and others

Wednesday January 5

Please share widely

As New York goes, so goes the rest of the country.

Do you live in New York State or any of its adjacent states (Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)?

Do you have friends, family or colleagues in these states?

Please share with them and encourage them to share this important message.

It’s essential that medical authoritarianism based on fraud, and all the proposed legislation related to it, be shut down and we can do it if we show up in force in January.

Please click here, download the flyer, and post it widely in your community.

If everyone takes care of their corner of the world – library, supermarket, post office, public bulletin boards, light polls – we could saturate the relevant region with this message.

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The Brasscheck/Real Food Reading List

We recommend these books as a foundation for educating yourself about health in the 21st Century.


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