Reversing disease with diet

The Meals for Health Program

Food heals

This is an organizations we’re proud to be part of (the Real Food Channel’s founder Ken McCarthy is a member of the Board.)

The idea is simplicity itself: 

In partnership with community organizations, Earth Save brings green farmers markets to inner city neighborhoods along with education and medical care.

Participants in the 30 day diet learn how to eat in a healthy way.

The results speak for themselves. 

The pharmaceutical industry and its friends in the marketing world may think that diseases like Type-2 Diabetes are irreversible. Science says otherwise. 

And diabetes is only the tip of the iceberg of conditions that can be helped and sometimes even completely turned around through food choice alone.

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The Brasscheck/Real Food Reading List

We recommend these books as a foundation for educating yourself about health in the 21st Century.

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