Food, Inc

The whole documentary

A masterpiece of investigative journalism

Never before has the food industry been so centralized or wielded so much power. 

The net results of this have been disastrous for famers and consumers alike. 

Huge interests have in essence taken over US food production and distribution and distorted it for their own ends. 

The production of commodities like corn and soybeans are subsidized to the tune of billions of dollars each year so that they can be used as cheap feed for meat, dairy and even fish producers.

The safety of these foods has never been lower thanks to massive cutbacks in health inspections and the abuse of workers is about as bad as it gets. 

Tellingly, people in other countries – including many Third World countries – eat much better than the average American. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available to them in quantity, quality and price that are beyond the imaginings of most Americans who live on a diet of cheap, processed garbage food.

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