The dragnet widens for Epstein associates

Epstein and friends (including Google founders) were up to something involving underprivileged children overseas

The U.S. Virgin Islands government has not been bribed (yet)

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Good report.

Now here’s what the cutting-edge investigative reporters (who make their reputations by reading and explaining publicly available documents) don’t tell you.

What the alternative news media haven’t figured out yet…

1. MIT is the Artificial Intelligence capital of the universe, and Epstein met frequently with their leading AI experts like Marvin Minsky and Noam Chomsky (yes, that’s Noam Chomsky).

The broker for those meetings was MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito.

2. The MIT Media Lab is actually the descendant of the work of Ithiel de Sola (1917-1984), founder of MIT’s political science department and founder of the school’s notorious Center for International Studies (CIS).

Who was Pool and what was his expertise?

“Ithiel de Sola Pool was considered a pioneer in the field of political science and social science research, and he made significant contributions to the use of data analytics and predictive modeling to monitor and control social behavior. His work with the Simulmatics Corporation, which was funded by the Department of Defense, was at the forefront of applying computer technology to social science research. Simulmatics used data analytics to develop models that could predict the behavior of individuals and groups, with the aim of influencing that behavior through targeted messaging and other interventions. This work was controversial, as it raised questions about the ethical implications of using technology to manipulate social behavior.”

3. Ito got his job running the MIT Media Lab, for which he had no legitimate qualifications, from Nicolas Negroponte. Negroponte is the founder of the MIT Media Lab, the brother of John Negroponte (the “Death Squad Ambassador”), and a close associate of Stewart Brand and Peter Schwartz (the three co-founded Wired together).

4. Peter Schwartz is the author of the Lockstep Scenario, a report for the Rockefeller Institute that detailed the exact playbook for the COVID lockdowns many years before they happened. He is also the right-hand man to WEF Board member Marc Benioff and the developer of’s “Vaccine Cloud,” the software that the US used to manage the logistical details of the mass COVID vaccine rollout. Schwartz is also very excited, to the point of near orgasm, about the prospect of fusing “Big Data” with brain implants as a way of “enhancing humanity.” This is a topic he has publicly discussed with Klaus Schwab (and we have the video).

5. Negroponte’s sidekick Joi Ito’s previous occupation before becoming Negroponte’s “golden boy” was being the longtime operator of a large nightclub in a Yakuza-controlled district in Tokyo. The Yakuza control sex trafficking, including of children, in Japan and East Asia.

6. Somehow, and it’s never been disclosed how, Ito, Negroponte, and Bernard Krishner, a US expat/spook in East Asia posing as a journalist and publisher, all met in Japan and became best buddies.

Guess what their group mission was?

Seeking out impoverished children in Cambodia to “help them with technology.”

7. Bernard Krishner, who intended to retire in Cambodia, was reportedly removed from the country and banned from re-entry. He died in Japan.

The operation of fake charities that are, in fact, covers for abusing children, is a major problem in the country of Cambodia. The government there is constantly seeking out, uncovering, and shutting down operations like that.

Does this seem too complicated?

Not really.

1. The top MIT Media Lab people were in bed with Epstein.

2. In their “spare time,” these very same people invested enormous time and effort in Cambodia.

3. They were doing the very same things the government of the US Virgin Islands is investigating Google’s founders and other Epstein associates for: seeking out poor children to “help” with technological kindness of a so-far unknown nature.

Anyone with ten minutes can Google and/or Chat GPT these topics can confirm everything above and have as many hours of reading as you can handle.

It’s a very deep rabbit hole, and you now have the rest of the story that ONLY Brasscheck readers have.

Brasscheck is still ignored by the “alternative” news media (but in a few years, they will be “discovering” what we published today).

Redacted remains 100% impenetrable to us.

They’re not interested in our Nuremberg Code book, our book on NATO’s murder of civilians in the former Yugoslavia, and our 2020 documentary on Anthony Fauci.

Does that make sense to you?

It sure doesn’t make sense to us, but there’s only so many times you can knock on someone’s door.

Like George Carlin used to say, “It’s a club, and you ain’t in it.”

In any event, Brasscheck subscribers like yourself are getting the info that matters months and years before the “news flashes.”


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