The hydration myth

Why more water is not automatically good for you

How about some common sense?

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1. Drinkings lots of water without electrolytes DEHYDRATES you
2. You can improve your hydration by avoiding common dehydrating drinks
3. “Sports drinks” like Gatorade are garbage and leave you MORE dehydrated

In a world where health and medicine mattered, these things would be common knowledge.

Instead we have doctors mindlessly giving out advice that’s about as good as you would expect from a random drunk on a park bench.

Doctors are good at a few things: 1) ordering lots of tests (some of them dangerous to your health), 2) selling expensive procedures (ditto), and 3) getting you hooked on a lifetime of expensive drugs that will ultimately injure your health, sooner or later, often sooner.

As a profession they are MILITANTLY ignorant about basic health issues because it pays them well to be so.


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