The mysterious death of a maverick doctor

Jeff Bradstreet MD (1954-2015)

His specialty: Curing the incurable

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Interview: Jeff Bradstreet’s brother and sister-in-law, Candice Lee-Bradstreet.

You know his death was suspicious – beyond the plain details of it – for two reasons:

1. The local cops immediately declared it as suicide without any investigation.

“The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office wasted no time in ruling the death a suicide.”

2. The Washington Post wrote a multi-thousand-word “obituary” of him, slandering him six ways from Sunday.

He had everything to live for.

A family he loved, a strong faith, and work he believed deeply in and was succeeding in massively.

Then this pioneering doctor shot himself…in the chest…with a handgun…while standing in a river…fully clothed…and after beating himself on his arms and abdomen.

The talk he gave one month before he was “suicided”:
How close we are to a cure for autism

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