The Nazification of Medicine

Reaching new heights of viciousness

Just another day at the office

I keep hearing about all the “good people” in medicine.

It reminds me of the phrase “Good Germans” to describe the people in Nazi Germany who went along with the regime.

What happens when Big Pharma and its representatives in “medicine” want you to take your problems – ones they created – and go away?

This is an excerpt of the film “Selective Hearing.” It’s about Brian Deer, a pharmaceutical agent masquerading as a reporter and working under cover of Rupert Murdoch’s News International Sunday Times.

In addition to harassing the families of vaccine injured children, Deer coordinated a hit campaign against researchers including Andrew Wakefield who found evidence of a connection between vaccines, bowel disease and autism.

The severely damaged children, called “The Wakefield Children,” have been systematically been denied meaningful medical care because no one in the profession of medicine in the UK wants to take a “political” case.

The full movie is here:

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