The truth about “heart healthy” oil

Caldwell Esselstyn MD

Facts are facts

This was a hard one for me because I LOVE olive oil and I even have good friends who grow olives, make olive oil and sell it. 

But facts are facts. 

Also, after going to a 100% plant based diet I felt and looked great and all my “up and down” energy problems disappeared, but I didn’t lose one pound. 


I was consuming way too many high calorie, low nutrient oils. 

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD is from the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top heart treatment facilities on the planet. If you’re a billionaire with heart trouble, that’s where you go. 

Over decades of research and practice, Esselstyn has demonstrated that heart disease can be reversed 100% of the time. 

So who are you going to believe? Him or random YouTube videos from un- or lightly credentialed “experts.”

Some common sense here: 

1. Oils are not whole foods. They have to be processed, and sometimes massively processed, to be edible

2. Oils are very high in calories, very high in fat, and low in nutrients – a bad combination

3. Stop all fried foods now. They are essentially foods that are super-staturated with oil at a level you would NEVER knowingly eat in one sitting

4. You have to face the fact that restaurants, even healthy ones, use tons of oil in everything. 

It’s completely possible to substitute water for oil when you stir fry. You just have to keep adding water continuously. The reason restaurants don’t do this is: a) oil is cheap, b) you don’t have to keep adding it as you cook and c) people with taste buds destroyed by processed food “like” the taste of oil cooked foods. 

What’s an alternative for your salad?

How about a squeezed lemon? No fat, very low calories, valuable nutrients and no negative health consequences whatsoever. 

And no more dipping bread in olive oil (or at least treat it as a very rare treat, not a common practice.)

By the way, remember the famed Mediterranean diet? 

The original test was done in war-ravaged Crete after World War II on people who were too poor to afford processed foods including olive oil so they consumed very little. 

Instead they ate simple whole foods which they cooked primarily with water and they “exercised” (i.e. worked hard physically every day.) 

That’s what created healthy hearts in Crete, NOT olive oil.

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