Toxic tuna

Toxic levels of mercury found in canned tuna

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During my upbringing, canned tuna was a go-to lunch option, and as a young adult, I frequently consumed it, appreciating the affordability of this high-quality protein source.

However, there has been growing awareness about the presence of mercury in canned tuna for many years now. Recent studies have highlighted a concerning rise in mercury levels in various fish, especially in albacore tuna. As a result, doctors are witnessing more women presenting symptoms of mercury poisoning, as evidenced by anecdotal reports.

The US FDA has taken note of this issue and now recommends that children and women of childbearing age limit their consumption of albacore tuna to no more than 6 ounces per week. To put it into perspective, Consumer Reports reveals that even half a can of albacore tuna could exceed safe mercury intake levels for a woman.

For sushi enthusiasts, caution is also necessary, as tests conducted on tuna used in sushi have shown mercury levels similar to those found in the canned version.

Source: WebMD


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