We know Fauci lies

What we don’t know is why THESE particular lies

The answers

It is slowly dawning on some people that good Dr. Fraudski is not to be trusted.

The problem is they still accept his “science.”

Here is how he – and WHO and the CDC – lied and why they told the specific lies they told.

Lie #1 – A never before seen virus

Reality – Coronaviruses are common. They’re associated with the common cold. By their own dodgy science, this “new virus” has over 80% of the genetic makeup of what they called SARS-1 which means this pandemic started out with hundreds of millions of people (if not billions) already having immunity.

Lie #2 – Deadly

Reality – Deadly to who? Flus, colds, food poisoning, falls, emotional shocks are deadly too to people who are medically vulnerable to such things. 99.99% of the population is not.

Lie 3# – There is no prevention and no effective treatment

Reality – The treatments for what is called CoVid are known, proven, inexpensive, abundant and cheap.

Why these SPECIFIC lies?

This vaccine – not a vaccine, it’s experimental gene therapy – was fast tracked by the FDA which it means that their nomral careless, shoddy and corrupt safety testing protocols were waived.

Even by the FDA’s own crooked standards you cannot develop a safe and effective vaccine in the time frame they developed this one.

So how did it pass?

They used the FDA’s “Emergency Use Authorization” loophole who was designed to respond to bio-terror attacks and can only be invoked if a disease is new, deadly and there is no existing treatment.

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