“We’re not going to be able to hide the bodies much longer”

Avi Barak interviews Jessica Rose

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Brasscheck’s new book “Unraveling the CoVid Con”


It looks like the CoVid Con is going to run a course very similar to US wars.

Stage 1 – Start it with lies
Stage 2 – Fuel it with lies
Stage 3 – Organize attacks against the truth tellers – kill them if necessary
Stage 4 – Prolong it with lies
Stage 5 – Cause untold devastation
Stage 6 – The edifice of lies finally collapses under its own weight
Stage 7 – The news media story is distorted for all time and a significant percentage of people have no idea what really happened and how they were deceived
Stage 8 – The liars and profiteers move on unscathed and get involved in future carnage

We are at Stage 6.

This interview with Jessica Rose brings the entire edifice of lies and fraud down – for anyone who cares to be informed.

Comprehensive and devastating.

Please share widely.

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