What about gluten?

Gluten free foods: healthy or hype?

Celiac disease was almost unknown a few years ago. Now many identify themselves as sensitive to gluten. Gluten is considered a significant cause of inflammation and digestive problems leading to many diseases.

Gluten free products are everywhere now. But are we falling for hype over health?

Many products labeled as “gluten free” never had any gluten at all–food companies are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon to get their share of the profits.

New lines of gluten free foods replace the gluten with highly processed and chemical-laden ingredients. It reminds me of the “fat free” craze, when fats were replaced by highly refined simple carbohydrates, making people’s diets worse than before.

Here’s a tip: fresh fruits and vegetables and many whole grains, such as rice, quinoa and buckwheat, are naturally gluten free.

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