What happened to Damar Hamlin?

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Pfizer gives the NFL over $120 million a year

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Several weeks ago Damar Hamlin, a young athlete in the prime of his life, collapse on the field with cardiac arrest during an NFL football game.

He required resuscitation TWICE to save his life, once on the field and a second time in the hospital and was in critical condition.

So what’s he saying now – or not saying – about what happened to him?

Historical note: Magic Johnson was diagnosed with AIDS in 1991 and publicly embraced Fauci’s killer drugs. He soon realized they were killing him and stopped taking them…but that didn’t stop him from being a paid spokesman for GlaxoSmithKline AIDS drugs in 2003.

Note: He’s still alive and kicking.

Professional athletes are easy to buy. (See Stephen Curry carrying water for Fauci in 2020.)


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