What is the biggest cause of inflammation in the body?

A doctor voices his concern

Main things to stay away from in order to avoid inflammation and free radicals

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“Peter Glidden, ND, is asked what causes inflammation in the body. His response: ‘Life.'”

A free radical is an oxygen atom that has lost an electron. It can bind to other molecules and, when a significant accumulation occurs, they can undergo oxidation. While oxidation can lead to damage or changes in the affected substances, it doesn’t necessarily result in destruction.

Where do these come from? Free radicals can be generated from various sources, including environmental pollution, radiation exposure, certain medications, and normal metabolic processes in the body.

While unhealthy dietary choices, including some oils in fast food, can contribute to the production of free radicals, it is important to note that multiple factors can influence their formation.

To mitigate the impact of free radicals, it is recommended to ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients and minimize exposure to sources that generate free radicals as much as possible.


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