When the news media tells you “studies prove it’s safe”

How pharmaceutical companies hide negative studies

It’s baked right into the system

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“When the news media tells you, ‘studies prove it’s safe’… you should watch this video to understand what that really means, particularly regarding how pharmaceutical companies hide negative studies.”

This highlights the concerning issue of how pharmaceutical companies often conceal or manipulate negative study results. It’s a practice that is deeply ingrained within the current healthcare system.

How flawed is the current healthcare system? This question arises when we realize that drugs known to have fatal consequences can be widely marketed and only withdrawn after causing significant harm to tens of thousands of people.

Furthermore, these concerning occurrences are not limited to pharmaceutical companies but also extend to the work conducted by some university researchers.

It is disheartening to consider the possibility that some healthcare providers may lack awareness or understanding of these systemic issues.


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