A true miracle cure

And it costs nothing

The miracle of a good night’s sleep

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Lose weight, have more energy, improve your mood and emotional resilience, boost your immune system, improve your memory, reduce cancer risk.

No pills or supplements, no shots, no special diet, no exercise, no doctor’s visit.

Do nothing!

That’s right: Do nothing.

Go unconscious every night and get the sleep your body – and mind – need.

CIA torture ghouls know that the simplest way to “break” a prisoner is simply to deprive him or her of sleep.

Amazingly, every day people deprive themselves of normal sleep – to watch TV, surf the Internet, drink and party etc. – and slowly, but surely, undermine their health.

Get good sleep every night for a week and see the change it makes.

Note: It may take months of good sleep to reverse the accumulated damage of years of poor sleep.

Deep sleep trick: TOTAL darkness in your room. Note that hotels use blackout curtains that cut off all light. There is a good reason for that. Try it and see.


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