CoVid is a propaganda war

The goal is universal mandatory vaccinations

Why the good guys are losing

In a propaganda war you have to go after the source.

If you wrestle with the octopus over every “Lie of the Day” in a fragmentary way you’re guaranteed to lose.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

The good guys are losing.

People have no idea of the size and reach of Fauci’s propaganda machine.

These few clips should give you some ideas.


Fauci had Northern Italy wired

Staging in China

New York City staging

Explaining NYC’s sky high death rate

Example of the propaganda machine – A staged scene?

Did the person in the video below die? Did she is of CoVid? No disputing that (though the actual press report said she also had a hospital-caught infection.

But five points:

1. Whenever she talks, her eyes are narrowly focused on one spot directly in front of of her.

2. She NEVER stutters, pauses, backtracks, restates or does any of the things people normally do when speaking extemporaneously.

3. Her words sound like a college essay and she uses very stilted language. Who talks like this especially in a state of distress?

4. Her words sound like a college essay and she uses very stilted language. Who talks like this?

5. The news account about this story says the woman filmed herself and uploaded the video to Facebook to the surprise and embarrassment of her daughter. This is clearly not true. A tripod is being used for this shot. Who did that and why is their role not part of the story.


This woman is reading a script written by her someone else off a teleprompter for the purpose of creating a viral propaganda piece to add to the public’s terror.

Last, but not least and it’s not conclusive, but if you look in the reflection in her eyes, you can see there is some kind some kind of bright screen in front of her.

The film that could end this fraud tomorrow – if the resistance gatekeepers would support it. Ask them why they are not.

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