Shun Oils

Even Olive Oil

Nuts and Olives Themselves the Way to Go

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Many individuals may find this message challenging to accept: the absence of oil. Olive oil, in particular, has been marketed as a healthy food and a means of preventing heart disease.

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD, from the Cleveland Clinic, contends that olive oil, as well as any other type of oil, can actually contribute to heart disease in a manner similar to butter.

Dr. Esselstyn has demonstrated that heart disease can be completely reversed by adopting a plant-based diet. If your goal is to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, it’s advisable to eliminate all oils, as they are essentially highly processed (or in other words, unhealthy) foods.

We acknowledge that there are oils available that undergo minimal processing. However, these are not the types of oils that most people typically purchase.

In summary, there are numerous ways to incorporate healthy fats into our diets, and relying on processed oils is not one of them.


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