The (Fake) Food Industry

The Poisoned-Industrial Food Complex

How it works

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Here’s a simple rule of thumb:

If it comes in a bag, a can, a bottle, or a box, it’s probably crap.

Here’s the deal:

The industrial food business is bigger than the oil industry and every bit as ruthless.

They’ve wired the US in such a way that their costs are subsidized by taxpayers, and they are allowed to put pretty much anything they want in their products without meaningful oversight.

On one side, farmers are gouged and beaten up. On the other side, consumers are charged $1 for a penny’s worth of nutrition laden with a nickel’s worth of chemical garbage.

No other country in the world – including Third World countries – eats such low-quality food, and it shows in our health statistics.

The US is the world leader in degenerative diseases – cancer, diabetes, and heart disease – all to the delight of an equally ruthless medical services (don’t call it “health care”) industry.

How to opt out:

1. Learn to use a kitchen knife and how to cook.
2. Buy your food from the produce department.
3. Spend the extra money and get non-poisoned organic produce (and make the acquaintance of some local, ethical farmers).


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