The Heart Attack Grill

Deadly diet

Taking the worship of a deadly diet to extremes

Everybody knows that giant hamburgers with cheese and french fries cooked in lard are just plain bad for your health. Right?

The Heart Attack Grill plays on that knowledge and sells a ton of heart-attack-waiting-to-happen meals. Their Quadruple Bypass Burger boasts over 8000 calories.

The morbidly obese are encouraged to eat there with free food if they play into the spectacle of being weighed to prove that they weigh over 350 lbs (160 kg).

Two customers have had heart attacks while dining there. The restaurant’s spokesman, 29-year-old Blair River, died in 2011 of complications from pneumonia.

The owner says this is his way of bringing attention to the epidemic of obesity in the US. And it’s all in fun, right? Hmmm.

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