Never Again Is Now Global

5-part docuseries trailer

Addressing the parallels between the Holocaust, lockdowns, and coerced medical procedures

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For the last two years – despite receiving energetic and sustained criticism for doing so – I have been comparing what many governments and public health authorities did as part of the Covid Con with what the Nazis practiced in the 1930s leading up to the Holocaust.

I even have an entire chapter dedicated to the subject in my book Unraveling the Covid Con Vol II, called “Comparing Covid-19 Science to Nazi Science”.

Many think this comparison to be hyperbolic.

But not holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

She goes even further.

Watch the trailer for her directorial debut, the 5-part docuseries Never Again Is Now Global.

See the exclusive premiere on CHD-TV Monday, January 30, at 7 PM EST
Never Again is Now Global

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