Why processed food is so dangerous

A textbook case of government and industrial food fraud

From fish feed to farmed fish to you…

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The journey from fish feed to farmed fish to our plates is a concerning one, and the short story is simple: Avoid consuming farmed fish.

The long answer reveals the reasons behind this caution. Farmed fish can be considered a highly “processed” food since the fish are raised on manufactured pellets. Unfortunately, these dried pellets lack proper regulation and are often laden with dangerous toxins, which ultimately find their way into our bodies through the consumption of farmed fish.

To compound the issue, there is one specific toxin present in these pellets—a pesticide that has never been approved for animal feed. This toxin possesses the ability to breach the crucial blood-brain barrier, making it even more hazardous.

The video provides insight into how this situation came to be and sheds light on the researcher who unraveled the truth. It exposes a web of corruption involving the government, industry, and even scientific circles.

Given these concerns and the questionable practices surrounding farmed fish, it’s essential to make informed choices about the food we consume, prioritizing the safety and quality of what we put on our plates.


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